Project finance

What makes a data center solar project financeable?

Lenders look for a utility “backstop” for renewables projects aimed at data centers, said Sunrocket Capital COO.

Wind turbine under construction.

One way to fix the broken RECs market: Test for additionality

A new white paper suggests avoiding uncontracted certificates could ensure they actually lead to new clean energy developments.

A steel mill
Project finance

What it takes to decarbonize a steel mill

A coal-fired steel mill’s transition could incentivize bringing electrolytic hydrogen behind the meter, new research found.

Hydrogen bubbles produced during electrolyzer stack testing at Electric Hydrogen.

Electric Hydrogen nabs $100 million in credit financing

Four banks gave the electrolyzer manufacturing start-up a vote of confidence, despite its having barely started production.

New partnership aims to help green banks capitalize on federal funding

The Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund-focused collaboration comes from Banyan Infrastructure, Elemental Excelerator, and the Milken Institute.

LevelTen launches new clean energy tax credit marketplace

The new marketplace is one of at least six to pop up in the fast-growing market in less than a year.

Hitachi Energy pours $1.5 billion into transformers

In the next three years, the Swiss company plans to build out its production capacity in an effort to shorten lead times.

A new geothermal power plant in California is under construction.

Trellis Climate offers a leg up for first-of-a-kind cleantech projects

The new catalytic capital program promises to fill a financing gap for promising but unproven technologies and infrastructure projects.

Climeworks begins to offer “PPAs” for carbon removal

The company will sell curated carbon removal “packages” that include a range of nature-based solutions alongside its own direct air capture services.

Aerial photo of a wind turbine blade transport vehicle entering a highway.

Debt is dominating climate tech funding in 2024

Equity is taking a backseat as banks step up their climate investments.

Renewable tax credit transfer deals could double in 2024, says Crux

The renewable tax credit transfer market continues to gain steam, with thousands of projects looking to sell credits so far this year.

Solar manufacturing
Project finance

How one small Canadian solar company is making use of the IRA

Heliene Solar president Martin Pochtaruk said the company’s decade of experience is a boon as it pursues new project finance.

Fervo eyes project-level finance as it plans for geothermal at scale

After a $244 million Series D, the enhanced geothermal company is looking to project-level finance. But first, it has to get institutional investors comfortable with the tech.

Project finance

Climate tech’s tough year in the public markets

Lazard’s Shanu Mathew says climate tech investors are fleeing to safer stocks.

Project finance

The urgent need to simplify clean energy finance

As the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund attracts new lenders, they need better tools to manage deals efficiently, says Banyan Infrastructure’s Amanda Li in this partner podcast episode.