Bianca Giacobone

Bianca Giacobone is a contributing writer to Latitude Media.
Wind turbine under construction.

One way to fix the broken RECs market: Test for additionality

A new white paper suggests avoiding uncontracted certificates could ensure they actually lead to new clean energy developments.

Hydrogen bubbles produced during electrolyzer stack testing at Electric Hydrogen.

Electric Hydrogen nabs $100 million in credit financing

Four banks gave the electrolyzer manufacturing start-up a vote of confidence, despite its having barely started production.

Grid edge

How Southern Company is readying the grid for EVs

WeaveGrid’s managed charging programs with Alabama Power and Georgia Power are using AI to manage the incoming surge of demand.


Rounding up the week's slew of federal action on AI and energy

On Monday, DOE unveiled the work it has undertaken in light of an October 2023 executive order on AI.

LevelTen launches new clean energy tax credit marketplace

The new marketplace is one of at least six to pop up in the fast-growing market in less than a year.