A visit to America's first direct-air carbon capture plant

Heirloom’s new plant in Tracy, California will remove carbon for big name investors.

December 15, 2023
The Latitude podcast from Latitude Media

America’s first commercial plant for capturing CO2 directly from the air is online.

It marks the start of an industrial race in direct-air capture – or DAC – an industry that needs to succeed in tandem with a tripling of clean generation to slash global emissions.

The US has emerged as a leader in the promotion of DAC in the hopes of radically dropping costs. And the success of this new plant will be an important indicator of the economic and technical path ahead. So, how will it work?

In this episode of The Latitude, editor Lisa Martine Jenkins presents a story from staff writer Maeve Allsup, who went to Tracy, California to witness the opening of Heirloom’s carbon removal plant.

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