Stephen Lacey

Stephen Lacey is the co-founder and executive editor of Latitude Media. He’s a veteran journalist, editor and producer who’s been making audio programming about climate change for a decade and a half. He is also the host of The Carbon Copy, a show that explains the changing planet through the lens of current events.

Stephen is a former editor at Renewable Energy World, Climate Progress and Greentech Media. He has helped launch more than a dozen podcasts about the intersection of climate, technology, business and politics. He is the former host of The Energy Gang and The Interchange.

Stephen Lacey is a contributing writer to Latitude Media.

Views on the $1.8 trillion clean energy economy

Some optimistic and cautionary takes on the investment trends guiding the energy transition

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Frontier Forum: Diving into the booming transferable tax credit market

A wide-ranging conversation with Crux’s Alfred Johnson on the trends that are reshaping tax finance.

A dive into the different business models shaping virtual power plants

An Energy Department VPP expert on the imperative for connecting and dispatching distributed resources

Pricing and tech trends shaping the booming global storage market

As manufacturing capacity ramps up, is a shakeout on the horizon?

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US power demand is set to boom. How will we meet it?

AI, manufacturing, and electrification are doubling power demand forecasts. But we don’t need fancy tech breakthroughs to serve it.

The Carbon Copy

AI is already advancing new materials for solar, batteries, fuel cells, and EVs

‘Without AI, we're stuck in first, and we need to be driving a Ferrari top speed.’

A man's face reflected in a stock market screen

The transferable tax credit market is growing ‘more rapidly than anyone thought’

The IRA is widening the market for clean energy financing. But buyers and sellers of tax credits are still figuring it out.

The Carbon Copy

Climate venture investors riff on headwinds, hype, and wildcards of 2023

Despite a downturn in the climate tech sector, we may look back on 2023 as the “year of building” the green industrial economy.

The Carbon Copy podcast

The terawatt era of PV: ‘Solar will be the gas of today’

On The Carbon Copy podcast: What does it look like for the global market to install a gigawatt every day?

The Carbon Copy from Latitude Media

The storylines of the energy transition in 2023

This is the decade to get it right, and we’re almost halfway through it.

The Carbon Copy podcast from Latitude Media

LNG exports: America’s hidden ​‘climate bomb’

If growth continues, U.S. emissions from LNG exports could rival emissions from the continent of Europe. Bill McKibben and other guests discuss.

The Carbon Copy podcast from Latitude Media

Making sense of advanced nuclear’s stumbles

What’s behind the recent troubles for nuclear startups? And can global nuclear capacity actually triple by 2050?

The Carbon Copy podcast by Latitude Media

How to triple renewables by 2030

We tackle the on-the-ground reality of developing 11 terawatts of renewable capacity.

The Carbon Copy podcast from Latitude Media

AI in the real world: Solar forecasting, EVs, and virtual power plants

We explore a few areas where artificial intelligence is bringing real benefits to grid operators and customers.

The Carbon Copy podcast by Latitude Media

For Microsoft, AI is an 'unlock' for decarbonization

A conversation with Microsoft’s Hanna Grene on the many ways AI is impacting utility operations.