Emma Foehringer Merchant

Emma is a freelance journalist who covers energy, climate change, and the environment. She was previously a staff writer for Greentech Media and is based in California.

Emma Foehringer Merchant is a contributing writer to Latitude Media.
Solar panels

Corporate electricity purchases aren't driving down emissions like they used to

A new paper from Princeton suggests only 24/7 matching with clean electricity makes a significant emissions impact in a grid increasingly outfitted with clean energy.

Solar panels in the snow

Solar manufacturers are gearing up to take advantage of the new tax credit transfer market

First Solar was the first U.S. solar manufacturer to make a credit transfer sale public — but more are on the horizon.

Workers use a solar cleaning robot to wash solar panels in Huntington Beach, CA

‘Better, faster, cheaper, safer’? The renewables industry looks to new tech to drive efficiency

Developers are experimenting with automation and software to streamline their work.

Solar panels, with mountains in the background

A mixed year for US solar: falling module prices, equipment delays, and grid constraints

Headed into 2024, the solar landscape has recovered from a 2022 contraction and looks ready for growth.

A large solar panel installation

Oil giant BP will fully own solar developer Lightsource

The joint venture will help BP expand its work in sectors such as biofuels and EV charging, the company said.

Gravel tinted in pinks and purples

The startups betting on pulverized rocks for carbon removal

Enhanced rock weathering fuses natural processes with engineered solutions, but remains nascent — and its future is uncertain.

A view of a coal-fired power plant through a fence

Building on brownfields: A first-in-the-U.S. storage project lands on a coal site

A utility-led project shows the promise — and challenges — of developing climatetech projects on used sites.

A solar panel next to several layered wind turbines on a pink background

The excess renewables opportunity

Renewables prices plunged. Projects multiplied. Now, what to do with the extra electrons?

A hundred dollar bill with a molecule superimposed over it, on an orange background

Getting to carbon removal’s $100 holy grail

The Department of Energy has established another exceedingly ambitious goal for a climate-focused technology. Here’s what that means for building the new market.