Anza launches new features that enable rapid comparison for solar module buyers to evaluate risk and increase project value

February 27, 2024

PRESS RELEASE: Anza, a leading solar and energy storage procurement platform, today introduced expanded capabilities that give buyers the ability to instantly organize and rank every technical, commercial, supply chain, and risk-related aspect of equipment required to select the ideal modules for solar projects. Anza's offering will introduce a new era of confidence and efficiency for developers, IPPs, and EPCs with instantaneous, granular insights into products and suppliers to help meet project deadlines, minimize risk, and maximize purchasing power.  

"We find ourselves at a pivotal moment as solar industry growth, project deployments and technology improvements are all accelerating," says Mike Hall, CEO of Anza. "Procurement professionals have to navigate a vast field of module options, and without access to real-time data to evaluate risk and other key factors, they are left having to make critical multi-million dollar decisions with limited information. This is compounded by increasingly prevalent trade and import risks, which can derail project schedules and negatively impact the bottom line. With Anza, buyers have the data and tools needed to confidently and comprehensively navigate these risks and gain valuable insights into suppliers' products, supply chains, and more."

For decades, the solar and storage procurement process has relied on the same inefficient, manual, and offline processes that are incompatible with today's dynamic marketplace. Ultimately, this has put procurement, developers, and project engineers at a disadvantage when making purchasing decisions, especially while navigating an ever-growing web of complexities – from equipment pricing volatility to extreme weather and counterparty risk to external supply-chain factors like UFLPA and AD/CVD. Understanding how these factors influence project purchases and outcomes in real-time is critical as they impact everything from project timelines to lifetime value and profitability.

Anza's new platform capabilities close this knowledge gap through its first-of-its-kind, one-stop shop for buyers to make optimal design and procurement decisions rapidly. Powered by its proprietary optimization engine and the most robust database in the industry, Anza offers buyers a way to instantly and easily compare and rank equipment based on a slate of customizable, stackable filters to best fit their specific project's needs. Advantages of Anza's new platform features include:

  • Availability of backend data and analytics so buyers can efficiently filter a market-wide, 360-degree view of options based on what they genuinely need and care about, including product price, size, performance in extreme weather, supply-chain factors (ex., UFLPA, AD/CVD), technical specifications, third-party traceability audits, payment terms, counterparty risk, and more.
  • Buyers save precious hours of time collecting and comparing data while instilling confidence that their purchasing decision will meet bankability requirements, alleviate schedule risk, and increase project profit.
  • Access to financial and basic technical and risk criteria, with advanced technical and risk-related data available to Anza customers.
  • Proprietary Effective Dollars per Watt™ calculations to assess the lifetime value of solar projects that take into account production and installation cost differences.

"The Anza platform allowed us to quickly narrow down our solar module options," says Brian Kirk, Principal, Alluvial Power. "We were able to easily identify equipment that met our rigorous supply chain and technical standards while significantly beating our internal price goal. Using the Anza platform coupled with the Anza team's deep experience gave us comfort that we had immediate access to a comprehensive view of the dynamic module market and allowed us to transact confidently and efficiently."

Launched as an independent company in May 2023, Anza is supported by a team with decades of experience in solar procurement and top-tier expertise in energy storage procurement and implementation. Since its launch, the company has seen over 100% year-over-year growth, and its platform has facilitated the assessment of more than 25 gigawatts of solar and 60 gigawatt-hours of energy storage across over 650 projects to date.

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About Anza
Anza is a revolutionary data and technology platform that empowers solar and storage procurement professionals to rapidly evaluate more options, mitigate risk and increase project profits. By aggregating and structuring supplier, product and contract data from more than 95% of the U.S. market, Anza enables buyers to spend more time creating value and less time chasing down data. Anza's Effective $Watt™ analytics allows users to move far beyond price comparisons and rapidly compare products based on risk, production and installation cost. With solutions for the utility-scale and distributed generation market, Anza's vision is to help every buyer rapidly make optimal procurement decisions.

Anza was born from internal tools at Borrego that maximized the financial value of its own projects. In 2021, Anza launched as a standalone procurement application for broader industry use and to further the company's mission of accelerating the deployment of renewable energy. For more information, visit