Artificial intelligence

Natural gas flaring

New methane commitments spell growth for detection start-ups

Post-COP, things are about to get busy for the sector, which is increasingly beginning to rely on automation and AI.

Huge pools of brine containing lithium carbonate and mounds of salt by-products stretch across a lithium mine in the Atacama Desert in Salar de Atacama

Can AI alleviate the critical minerals crunch?

Despite a tight market, there’s money in the looming materials bottleneck for climatetech.

Line of data servers

Using AI, Microsoft and UNFCCC take aim at emissions

An AI-powered platform will analyze carbon data for Paris Agreement signatories.

A geothermal plant

Google: Geothermal could follow 'similar trajectory' to solar

The tech giant’s first geothermal-powered data centers are live in Nevada.

Solar panels on a hill in Japan

Japan's maturing renewables market meets AI-powered energy trading

With Japan’s new power market structure in place, Trailstone is betting the time is right for its risk management tools.

Sam Altman at a conference

There’s an energy angle to the Sam Altman saga

The boardroom fiasco at OpenAI raises questions about conflicts of interest – including investments in nuclear fusion.

A homeowner installs a smart thermostat.

Lifting the lid on AutoGrid’s Puget Sound Energy project

AutoGrid claims its turnkey virtual power plant model makes it easier to get projects going.

LEDs light up in a server rack in a data center

Inside Google’s demand response plans for data centers

The tech giant's data and climate lead Savannah Goodman says performance tracking and policy are up next.


Schneider CTO: The transmission bottleneck requires demand-side solutions

Amid accelerating data center demands and a transmission rollout that Scott Harden says is unlikely to happen fast enough, innovation is focused behind the meter.

A maintenance worker inside a wind turbine

Ørsted turns to AI to boost US projects

The Danish renewables giant is targeting energy production, maintenance costs, and operational efficiency.

Utility-scale solar installation under a blue sky

SB Energy taps Stem to bring AI to national storage projects

The companies will collaborate on energy storage deployments, to the tune of 10GWh over the next five years.

 A technician monitors electricity levels in front of a giant screen.

AI will change the energy sector before it changes the grid

With a retiring workforce and mountains of data, next generation tools are arriving right on time.

A color-treated image of Hanna Grene on a purple and red background

Microsoft’s vision for utility AI integration

“I don't worry about the tech being good enough,” said Microsoft’s Hanna Grene. “I worry about how we change the way we’re working and approaching these problems.”

A data center's infrastructure, rendered in blues and reds.

The AI ‘wild card’ promises to complicate clean clouds

The unpredictability of energy demand is throwing a wrench in the Big Three’s ambitious clean energy plans.

An American flag in front of the U.S. Capitol

Congress takes on AI for the energy transition

In a Thursday hearing, lawmakers asked questions about the energy intensity of data centers and cybersecurity risks.